About Us

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Mt. Olympus is a diverse skilled nursing facility that includes short-term, long-term and rehabilitation services. Because hospital stays are getting shorter and inpatient medical rehabilitation from illness and injury is transitioning from hospitals to skilled nursing facilities, it is our goal to help you maintain and resume a meaningful life as quickly as possible.

Our core value is to have Passionate care, Personal Growth, and a Prompt Recovery to serve those individuals residing within Mt. Olympus and to be responsive to their individual needs.

Our goal at Mt. Olympus is to offer a customized and comprehensive program that will shorten your stay and improve your recovery success. Your plan will include a specific treatment regimen, medication, dietary/nutritional needs, and activities of daily living.

At Mt. Olympus you’ll find an experienced and dedicated professional team ready to design and assist you with an individualized care plan in order to achieve the highest level of function possible.

Visitors are welcome every day of the week. Come see our residents and friendly staff in action. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the unique, sophisticated healthcare environment at Mt. Olympus Rehabilitation Center.

Quick Facts

  • We have 92 Medicare and Medicaid certified beds.
  • All rooms have new electric high/low beds, and cable TV (private phones are also provided for our short-term rehab units).
  • The full in-house rehab unit provides: PT, OT, ST.
  • Admissions can be processed 24/7.
  • RNs are on duty and on site 24 hours/day.

~ Better Outcomes, in a shorter amount of time ~

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